Propelling Twitter’s #VideoNow campaign

Twitter was looking to illustrate how valuable short form videos can be for advertisers. So they asked us to turn their research insights into a creative, dynamic way of getting the message across. The result is something equally elegant and powerful.

Turning market insights into a snackable content

First step: extract the info from tons of research data and distill it down to what will really resonate with advertisers. The result: a series of animated infographic tweets that tell the story of how powerful and engaging video on Twitter really is.

Looping into infinite social fun

One of the ‘funnest’ challenges of the project for our team was to not only deliver the message perfectly, but also find a creative way to make the animation loopable. Each animation can stand on it own to infinity and beyond. Check out the full animation below.

“Despite an aggressive timeline our team was able to pull off some amazing – and effective – pieces of creative content for Twitter’s milestone #VideoNow conference.”

Seb Lhomme – Creative Director, Thinkmojo

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