Creating a smart video for a smart new app

When Text Me Up came to us, they had a great product – an app that allows you to use your phone number on any phone. They just had one problem – they didn’t have any brand identity. So not only did they need a video, they needed a full creative treatment. Enter Thinkmojo.

Building a brand from the ground up

The first thing TextMeUp wanted was a mascot that they could use across their branding. It had to be something fun and memorable, but it also had to embody their core message – that you could use your phone number across devices. So, after a little brainstorming, TextMe was born.

Story + Design + Animation = the ultimate explainer combo

The goal in any explainer is always to find some idea that ties the whole message together. For this video, that idea was the character itself – a chameleon who can change colors just whenever he’s hopping from one phone number to the next. It was simple, eye-catching, and most of all, perfectly embodied the message.

But an idea is one thing. You still have to execute. So we poured our creative mojo into a set of clean, colorful designs, then combined that with some top-notch animation to take this piece to the next level.

“It’s always a treat when we get to explore brand identity. It’s a great opportunity to build something from the ground up, and make sure that every tiny detail works together in perfect harmony.

Brendan Carty – Director of Creative Content, Thinkmojo

Making it App Store friendly

The final piece of the puzzle was the app video. After all, when you go mobile first, you can’t go without an app-product demo. So, we did just that we created a sweet walkthrough that allowed users to take the app for a spin.

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