Helping Slack solve their biggest marketing issue

As they’ve grown, Slack has had a problem – many of their users didn’t fully understand how to get the most out of their platform. That’s where Thinkmojo came in.

Solving a problem with video

After conducting a lot of user feedback, Slack found that many users kept asking a basic question: How is Slack actually going to help me? So Slack approached Thinkmojo to help them answer this question. Working closely with the Slack team, we created a unique, engaging two-minute video that mirrors the actual user experience on Slack. It wasn’t vague or abstract, but a concrete example of how Slack can help your team. And unlike many UI-focused videos, it was delivered in a lighthearted way that was actually fun to watch.

“It’s been exciting to see the view count grow while audience retention remains high throughout the video.”

Mari Ju – Product Manager, Slack

Onboarding users one video at the time

To help get users started, we created a set of short onboarding videos that show how to get a team set up and provide some useful tips for working together in Slack.

Making UI-focused videos that people  want to watch

Creating videos centered on a user interface can be challenging. How do you make it engaging when there are no human characters, and most of the time you’re just looking at the same screen? We made the decision to steer away from factual instruction-based content and focus more on strategic narratives. So instead of talking about how to use a feature, we focused on why you’d want to use that feature instead all the while keeping the tone lighthearted and playful.

“With millions of plays so far and a solid engagement rate, something’s clearly working.”

Meryl Ayres – Marketing, Wistia

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