A Public Service Announcement That  Doesn’t Suck

The Northeast Gas Association was launching a TV campaign to educate people about the dangers of a gas leak in your home. Pretty serious stuff. But they knew it would be worthless if the ads weren’t fun to watch. So they called Thinkmojo.

Creating a Character for Multiple Channels

The first step was designing their flagship character – Nosey. The client wanted Nosey to be fun, memorable, and to exude curiosity. After all, if you smell a gas leak, you can’t just ignore it. You have to investigate! And Nosey had to embody that spirit.

He had to be perfect, too. Not only was Nosey going to be the main character in the TV ads, he was also going to appear in a print campaign that would reach millions of people. The pressure was on.  

“Thanks to all of Thinkmojo for a marvelous job on these TV spots. We are already getting accolades from our client. The best part was how professional, patient and accommodating you all were. You made our character come to life and I can tell you were all really into making it the best it could be.”

Leslie Murnane – Founder & CEO, Ideas Agency

Animating Nosey into Real Situations

It was important to us that the ads feel genuine, with real situations in a real home environment. But Nosey – being an anthropomorphic human nose – was decidedly not realistic. So the challenge was blending the two in a way that seemed completely natural. 

To do that, Nosey had to interact with the physical world just like an actual person would. This took some technical expertise on the animation side, and a well-planned film shoot, but in the end, the interaction is seamless. 

Claro que se habla Espanol! Making the campaign multilingual.

When you’ve got a message this important, you’ve got to make sure it reaches everyone. So we created a separate Spanish version that was muy buen. 

“We are proud to help spread an important message to the general population while  having a little fun along the way”

Yann Lhomme – Director, Thinkmojo

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