Cloud computing complexity, simplified

With companies like Twitter and Airbnb using their technology, Mesosphere has become a major player in cloud-computing technology. However, their  datacenter operating system is so advanced, it can be hard to explain. Enter Thinkmojo.

A sophisticated video for a sophisticated audience

The first step was to create an explainer video targeted at the real buyers – CIOs and Product Marketing Managers. But even though this audience would understand the basics of cloud-computing, many of them would not be aware of the unique challenges that Mesosphere DC/OS solved. So we broke it down, with a tight narrative and clean designs that made an otherwise abstract solution seem very, very real.

“We wanted to show what our product is and what its benefits are. Thinkmojo brought a lot of expertise in telling the story in a compelling way.”

Eryn Muetzel – Product Marketing Manager, Mesosphere

Introducing cloud computing to the masses

The next step was to produce  a company video that introduced cloud computing in a clear, straightforward way that even non-data scientists could understand. We supplemented that with some backstory on what Mesosphere is and does, supported by big time customer testimonial statements.

Making data infrastructure sexy

One of Mesosphere’s biggest challenges is how to convey the value of your solution when you can’t really show it in action. For example, how do you visualize a task thread running through a machine? What exactly does a ‘container’ look like? And most importantly, why should the viewer care? To help solve this problem, we worked hand in hand with Mesosphere’s design team, creating purpose-driven illustrations and animation that enabled them to visually convey their solution and value in a concrete, meaningful way.

Customer Success Story

“Everybody is super excited to finally have something that showed in a visual way what our company has been building for the last 3 years.”

We asked Mesosphere about their experience working with Thinkmojo. Here’s what they had to say.



“The reception has been great. Having a short and concise, overview video has done a lot for our user education.”

John Ashenden – Head of Design, Mesosphere

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