Three Great Stories, One Great Product

Like every great project, this one started with a great product – MageTech’s augmented-reality app makes greeting card more interactive and delightful – and ultimately, more powerful. But that’s where they struggled in their messaging. How to take something that’s so cutting edge and present it in a way that’s emotionally resonant?  

Bringing greeting cards into the 21st century

Right from the beginning, we knew that the only way to truly appreciate this product was to see it in action. But we also knew there was a deep well of emotion underlying the product, as well. After all, just think of all the time you’ve given or received a greeting card in your life. They’re usually around important moments, and they leave a lasting impact. We wanted to tap into that emotional well, while making sure to keep the product front and center.

“We love the video and the extra footage for the in-app experience is great!”
– Will Li, founder MageTech

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