Helping LendUp (Actually) Change the World

LendUp is a company on a mission. With backing from Google Venture, this socially responsible lender empowers people to build a solid financial future by offering free courses in credit-building. So when they needed a partner to help build their library of video content, Thinkmojo was proud to answer the call. 

Bringing financial literacy to the masses 

One of the biggest reasons that people have bad credit is that they don’t know the best ways to improve their credit. That’s where we came in. Together with Lendup, we created an education series that focuses on all aspects of financial life – whether it’s building credit from scratch, recovering from past mistakes, or saving money for the future. The series has become an essential part of their mission to provide people with a path to better financial health.

“Thinkmojo has really helped us distill those complicated concepts into exciting videos that consumers are watching again and again.”

Sasha Orloff – Founder & CEO, Lendup

Taking the boring out of financial education

The biggest challenge with the series was taking a subject that’s hard, boring, and oftentimes intimidating, and making it appealing and fun to watch. How did we do it? By combining plainspoken language with delightful animation that took the mystery out of complex financial concepts and applied them to everyday life.

Changing lives, one video at the time

Want concrete proof of the positive effects from the video series? Lendup customers who complete the credit education series have a 20% higher repayment rate compared to those who did not take the courses.

Overall, the series has gathered close to one million views and have scored an average approval rating of 9.6 out of 10. Those are viewer stats that we are deeply proud of – on a number of levels. 

Customer Success Story

We asked Lendup about their experience working with Thinkmojo. Here’s what they had to say.

“Thinkmojo is very accommodating, making the changes that we wanted to, understanding what our goal was and sticking true to the voice that we wanted to convey.”


“Every other day, customers send us emails to let us know how much those videos have really changed their lives.”

Amanda Lotz – Social Impact Coordinator, Lendup

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