Introducing a WordPress revolution

The open-source CMS that powers the web, is getting next gen thanks to Elegant Themes’ Divi 3.0 visual page builder. Thinkmojo was called upon to instigate the revolution.

How to make web design feel human

With Divi 3.0, Elegant Themes was making a big attempt to bring agency-level web design to everyday people. So they needed a video that would be accessible and interesting, no matter what your level of design experience. It couldn’t be too technical or intimidating. That would only reinforce worst fears about WordPress. It needed to feel ‘human’. So we went for a live action set-up that would be easy to follow, and fun to watch.

“Thinkmojo went above and beyond. The video really turned out great and we can’t thank the team enough!”

Nick Roach – Founder & CEO, Elegant Themes

Analogy + Humor = 🙂

We knew that we couldn’t just talk about the intricacies of web design without boring people to death. We needed to find a unique angle to tell the story – something that would speak to the frustrations of the core viewer, and maybe even put a smile on their face.

So we came up with a fun analogy that not only grabs the viewer’s attention, but provides a logical framework for the whole video. This way, even if you don’t remember every detail, you still retain the core message long after watching.


“We’ve had a blast making a video for a product that has such a big following in the design community “

Yann Lhomme – Director, Thinkmojo

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