Launching one of the Hottest Fintech Apps

Financial services apps have been taking off lately – and few are flying higher than Clarity Money. But with so much competition out there, they needed a full-throttled video marketing campaign that would set them apart from the rest. That’s where Thinkmojo came in.

Designing a strategy that works

This was Clarity’s first foray into video marketing, and they were looking for some guidance. So we talked it out and created a comprehensive video marketing strategy that would allow them to reach their target audience in the most cost-effective way possible. The result – one dynamite explainer video to get the word out, five animated GIFs for social media, and an App Store-compliant video that would drive adoption.

One of the things that makes Clarity so great is the ease of use. So it was important that we created an animation style that embodied that spirit.

Sebastien Lhomme – Creative Director, Thinkmojo

Helping Clarity Catch Fire on Social

Clarity’s biggest demographic is Millennials and young professionals. So to reach this tech-savvy consumer, we created a series of five animated GIFs designed specifically for social media. We knew they had to be entertaining. After all, people are protective of their social feeds and don’t like overt advertising. At the same time, the GIFs had to clearly convey Clarity’s value – a tall task in only 6 seconds. But we were happy to take on the challenge.

Ready for Launch: The App Store Version

The last thing you want to do is build a beautiful app and run a creative marketing campaign, only to lose your customers at the very last moment – when they’re about to download. To avoid that fate, we created a video for use inside the App Store, so Clarity could showcase the best parts of their app to prospective users, giving them that final push over the goal line.

“As with any App Store video, it had to adhere to a series of style guidelines, but this wasn’t our first ride through this neighborhood, so we knew our way around.

Brendan Carty – Director of Creative Content, Thinkmojo

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