Launching a major video campaign for Best Buy

America’s number one consumer electronics retailer was rolling out a new program for millions of customers worldwide. Thinkmojo was brought on to create the video campaign that could introduce the many benefits of unlocked phones. 

Two teams, one voice

Obviously, Best Buy is a giant brand with a carefully maintained image and voice. So it was imperative that we crafted a story using the same language present across Best Buy’s many marketing channels. To do this, both the Thinkmojo and Best Buy teams worked closely together to ensure the explainer video was fun, engaging, and 100% on brand.

“This was a great example of a campaign with a unified creative and strategic vision – conceived and designed to be effective across multiple channels: website, social, and on-site.” 

Joel Goobich – Business Development –  Thinkmojo

Turning Social – On

Best Buy has a huge social media presence, and they needed videos that would work on various social platforms. So, along with their main video, we developed four shorter, punchier videos for a full-on social marketing campaign. Each video needed to grab people’s attention, and get the message across in 15 seconds or less.

Best Buy Express – No sound, No problem.

One of the biggest reasons you’d want an unlocked phone is if you’re traveling overseas and want to switch out your SIM card. So, to reach this prime demographic, we created a specialized video to be played on airport kiosks. The video had to be really short, so travelers could see the entire thing as they walked past. It also had to be made without sound – like a digital billboard. And finally, it had to be eye-catching, so travelers would notice it among the hustle and bustle of a busy airport.

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