A Good Video Starts With a Good Script

Let us show you how to craft a killer explainer video script that produces the results you desire.


We want to help educate you about the best ways to tell your business story in a compelling and engaging manner. That’s why we’ve developed this complimentary video script review. No matter if you produce your own video or hire someone to produce this for you, having a well crafted script is often the key to success. We hope you find this offer useful.


Free Script Review - Here's how it works


Sign up for our complimentary script review. We’ll send you a simple form where you input your existing script copy or notes about the video script you want to write. Fill out a few more details about your target audience, your product and then schedule the time for us to chat directly with you. We’ll be ready with a review and edit of your video script that makes it sing! No strings attached.


The Five Key Components of a Smart Video Marketing Script


Set the Hook

Let the viewer know that you’re talking to them. Go right into a problem or issue that concerns them very much


Set off Your Value 'bomb'

Every script needs an ‘Apex’. This is your one sentence “Value Bomb” where you reveal what your core value message.

The Powerful Close

The goal of any video is to get people to do something after they watch. So you’ve got to give them a reason to pursue the product further.


Identify the Problem

Expand on the opening hook. Go into the pain points of the target audience and convince the viewer that you get it.

Imagining the Benefits

We’re experts at where, when, and how to launch your video – across multiple marketing channels – so that it has the greatest impact possible.



Let’s chat. We’ll review your script (for free) within the next few days and prepare a detailed analysis. In the meantime, let us know when you’re free for a short 15 minute conversation so we can discuss your script, one on one. Use our simple online Schedule calendar and pick out a time that works for you.