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Plumbers, painters, landscapers, the guys who fix your leaky roof – they don’t have it easy. All day, they’re out there responding to calls, fighting the elements, and getting their pants chewed by tiny little dogs.

It’s hard work. And it’s no picnic for the guys back at dispatch, either. Because while the plumber is trying to shake that chihuahua off his leg, his boss is trying to call him to let him know that his 3 o’clock just got moved to 1.

Amidst all this chaos steps Jobber.
Jobber is a super-cool app that makes it easy for service businesses to keep their team connected, and their office running smoothly – no matter how crazy things get.

They’ve been transforming how mobile service businesses operate since 2011, but a few months back, they came to us with their plans to take their brand to a new level. They wanted a video that would highlight just how fast, simple, and capable Jobber really was. Needless to say, we were honored to oblige.

In order to make their core message of simple efficiency come to life, we knew that the script and visuals had to work in total harmony. So we created a tight story and paired it with clean-flowing visuals that capture Jobber’s ease-of-use to a tee.

A special thanks not only to the amazing Jobber team, but also to the super-talented folks at Lift Interactive, who collaborated with us on the designs. It was a group effort and we couldn’t be more proud of the result!

Check it out!


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Introducing the Online Trading Academy by TradeHero and SGX

TradeHero, the famous mobile trading app to learn stock trading, and the Singapore Stock exchange (SGX) joined forces to create an ambitious Online Trading Academy and mobile game contest so you can try your hand at stock investing using virtual money. And in that process they have decided to rely on Thinkmojo to help them create a series of videos that will be used to educate anybody who has been considering stock trading but doesn’t know how to start. It’s a unique way learn about investing in a fun and risk-free way.

Check out the first intro video for the series and let us know if you ever become a trader mogul.

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Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.09.36         Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.09.49

Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.09.58         Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.10.08

Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.10.23         Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.10.33

Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.10.41         Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.10.52

Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.11.02         Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.11.12

Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.11.20         Screenshot 2014-07-21 09.11.28

New videos for TalentSky

Talentsky came to us with a brand new vision: ditch the old fashion resume and help people tell their career  stories by sharing ongoing moments  in a modern compelling way.

The motion designs  we ‘ve  created match perfectly the  ‘look and feel’ of TalentSky ‘s new website, crafted by our friends from Zurb.  This gives the user the impression that the  webpage is coming alive transforming his visit into a full on interactive experience.

Website created by

To see the SCOUT’s video go to

To sign up go to

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Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.27.20     Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.27.09

Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.26.46     Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.26.36

Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.26.28     Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.25.58

Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.25.46     Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.24.59


Our last videos featured on From Up North design blog

We are very proud to be featured on From up North one of the leading design blog that focuses on promoting and inspiring creatives all over the world.

This week one of the videos we created for TalentSky was featured in their Motion graphics inspiration galleries.

Credits :
Client: TalentSky
Producer: Thinkmojo
Concept, Script, Storyboard: Thinkmojo
Art Direction: Thinkmojo
Design: Adrien Kulig
Animation: Vladimir Marchukov
Sound FX: Aaron Wallas
Sound Design: Michael Langsner
Voice Over: Mike O Brian

Screenshot 2014-07-16 18.19.21

Screenshot 2014-07-16 18.19.33


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