Hello, we're Thinkmojo

At Thinkmojo, we believe that the world is a better place when more people can fully express their ideas. And it’s an even better-er (?) place when those ideas are expressed in a way that delights and inspires the viewer.

That’s why we help exciting new companies share their vision with fun, elegant, and compelling videos. One by one, these videos introduce great new ideas to the world, and it’s our hope that these ideas will help change the world.* And what could be better-er-er than that? (Okay, now we’ll stop.)

*For the better. We’re not Bond-villains.

The Mojo Team


Co-founder of Thinkmojo, Seb is the artistic guy. He stares out the window, and occasionally sleeps beneath a tree, dreaming up the beautiful visuals that make our videos sparkle. But he also works like crazy, coordinating with the entire creative team to make sure every scene looks, sounds, and feels amazing. Then he goes back to sleep. You can find him tweeting about geeky stuff here: @slhomme


The other co-founder of Thinkmojo, Yann is the business and marketing guy. He oversees the entire video-making process from conception to delivery with a searing eye for detail that’s usually found in birds (eagles, falcons, et cetera). Basically, he’s the one who makes the Mojo happen – for you and your viewers. He also tweets about geeky stuff here: @californyann


Constance is our project manager. She makes sure everything here at Mojo runs as smoothly as humanly possible. And she does this unusually well. It doesn’t matter what you need from Mojo, what Mojo needs from you, or what Mojo needs from Mojo, Constance makes sure everyone is happy, always. She even has a French accent. So there.


Brendan is our script-writer extraordinaire. He works with the creative team to develop the concept for each video, then heads off to his writing tower, dips his quill into the ink and creates a soul-awakening script that puts that concept into words. He can make you cry, make you laugh, or make you nachos. He also likes baseball.

So, what else is Thinkmojo good at?


Showcasing of the best startup-related promotional videos from around the web and recognizing the talented people who created them. Take me there.


The place where motion designers can share techniques and discuss trends – with weekly articles, links to resources, and inspirational tutorials. Take me there.

Bringing Arcade Back

The video game for people who love classic video games – a fast-paced, arcade-style space shooter with a retro feel and modern gameplay. Take me there.

You do everything with four people?

Actually, no. We’re lucky to have some of the best in the business on our extended team who work with us throughout production. We’re talking about sound designers, voice over artists, illustrators, animators, and live action directors – all super-talented, all working together to make Mojo what it is.

So, where are the secret Mojo Headquarters?

We’ve got two offices: in Campbell, California, a neat little town in the heart of Silicon Valley, and Edmonton, Alberta, which is in Canada, a neat country on top of North America. We love visitors and we’re not even creepy about it, so please, stop by at any time! We’re always looking for new foosball players.

San Francisco Bay Area, California

100 W. Rincon Ave
Campbell CA 95008

Edmonton, Alberta

Startup Edmonton, 0359 104 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 1B9, Canada